What is BMAC care ?

"Bmac Care" is our warranty that covers one year of service free of charge. Customer pays for shipping only.

When does the BMAC care warranty begin and end? 

Your scissors are under BMAC care from the date that the scissor was purchased. Bmac Care expires exactly one year after the date of purchase. 

What is included in the 1 year warranty?

  • Sharpening

  • Inspection

  • Tightening/adjusting


Bmac warranty becomes void if the scissor is sent to a non-Bmac authorized service center and the damage can not be fixed (although we will try our best to do so). We STRONGLY encourage only sending your scissors to our Bmac authorized service center.

 Warranty will also not cover failures due to misuse.

 Bmac scissors have a lifetime warranty for any factory/workmanship defects. Should there be any, please call our office (630) 279-5500 or email us at