Bmac FAQ

Which type of metal are your scissors made out of?

We use the highest grade Japanese carbon steel. Including VG-10 grade steel and SG-II.

*Keep in mind that high-quality steel does not necessarily produce a high quality product. There are very specific forging techniques, forging temperatures, and heat treatment methods during its manufacture, that determine a scissors quality level. Bmac scissors are not only made with the highest grade Japanese carbon steel, but there are over 100 steps involved and 30 craftsman who have worked on your scissor.

What is VG-10?

VG-10 is a well known, high-end Japanese stainless steel. Name meaning (V gold 10, gold meaning quality). VG-10 steel contains vanadium, which is well known for its toughness.

What is Super Gold II?

Super Gold II is a powder metal that results in a balanced hardness with a soft feel. Powder methods/metallurgy require much more manufacturing and time, to ensure conformity and uniformness throughout the blade.

Bmac uses Super Gold II in it’s series 4 and 5.

Do you sell swivel shears?

No. We do offer scissors with a 3D shaped extremely ergonomic handle, we recommend you to check out our series 4 scissor called “Legerra”.

How do I prevent rusting?

Steel will naturally rust, but it can be prevented. Be sure to always wipe down your scissors with a cloth (especially after wet cutting). Also, keep your scissors in a safe dry spot when not in use.

Japanese carbon steel is a self-respecting metal that requires some love and care on your end. Treat your scissors like a samurai treats his sword. 

What sort of texturizing shears do you have?

Our best selling texturizing shear is in our series 3, its called ratio 31 which blends the hair by exactly 31% (price is 700, and size is 6.0”). Our next texturizing shear that is also selling quite well, is from our newer introductory series called “Love”, it is also a 6.0” shear, and is priced very affordably, at $340.

Do you sell lefty shears?

Yes (FC- 62) we have one model of cutting shears that comes in the size 6.2”. It’s got an offset handle and convex blade, priced at $1,050. And SPN pivot point. We also have a texturizing shear that comes in the size 6.0" and has convex blade.