Sharpening procedure: 
Bmac USA has an official service center in both the US and Canada that is responsible for servicing all Bmac scissors. If the customer opts to use another sharpener for their scissors, this will VOID their BMAC care warranty.

When your shears are under BMAC Care, please follow these very simple instructions for having your scissors serviced:
1. Contact our BMAC Care representative through or speak to live agent at 1-855-279-5500 USA / 1-800-641-7936 CANADA. We will then provide you with the address to send your scissors. 
2. Pack your shears in the case your shears came in. If you do not keep the original case then -->  place a rubber band around the tip of the scissors, wrap the scissors in bubble wrap, and put the scissors in a padded envelope. 
3. Send your scissors to our Bmac authorized service center. 
4. Our BMAC care representative will contact you once the shears are inspected and serviced for delivery instructions back to your salon or location.