Dream Bridge Project - DBP


The Dream Bridge Project

Dream Bridge Project (DBP) is an annual haircutting contest event in Kyoto and Tokyo for Japanese stylists all over Japan, but is also and mainly an American and Japanese hair stylists international exchange program.

In Japan, the Japanese contestants compete LIVE against each other by showcasing their cutting skills. The winning prize of the “DBP” (since its overall entity is an international exchange program) is an invitation to go to the ISSE Long Beach Show and showcasing their cutting performance through a demo on stage. 

The big event is hosted by the biggest distributor in Japan, “Gamo” and Bmac. Several hundred LIVE contestants coming from all over Japan to Osaka and Tokyo contests.

In North America, The “#BmacShowdown” (Learn More) Social Media Cutting Contest, created and hosted by Bmac USA, is part of this international stylist exchange program, “DBP”. This contest helps decide which creative stylists will be invited to go to Japan along side with Bmac’s chosen American platform artist for that year.

Past years of American platform artists invited were Julian Perlingiero, Gerard Scarpaci and Sal Misseri.

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