Bmac #hbshootout: Wrap Up

Article written by: Sarah Federico

BMAC has long admired the respect, creativity, plus community engagement and encouragement felt during Hb’s Shootouts. Because of this, Sen Yamanaka, BMAC North American President, was excited to partner with the community for this fall’s unique Shootout event. “The Hairbrained Shootout is a revolutionary tool for showcasing talent,” says Sen. “Stylists are offered a platform to display their creations, and always receive such great feedback from their peers. Of course, BMAC loves to watch as artists use and enjoy our tools; we were able to see so much artistic ability – and so many magnificent BMAC creations, through this contest.”

The volume and quality of Hb’s community work was so great, that the BMAC team had a tough time choosing just one winner. “We had so many great entries,” reflects Hector Rodriguez, BMAC’s North American Creative Director. But when all was said and done, BMAC selected Aaron Johnson, Founder of Collective Salon Education, as this autumn’s Grand Prize Shootout winner. “Aaron did a really great job balancing the technical and creative aspects of his submissions,” says Hector. 

With 13 years of craft experience, Aaron Johnson credits a great deal of his inspiration to the Hairbrained platform. “I think that Hb has had more influence on my career than anything else. It’s allowed me to share the stage with mentors, and reach a broader audience. It keeps fresh ideas coming, and offers so much in the way of community connection. It pushes me to grow.”

“I’m grateful and humbled that I was chosen for the trip to Japan,” says Aaron, who regularly uses the BMAC 3R Series Stiletto in a 5 inch. “There was so much quality work put out for this contest – I’m sure that choosing just one winner was difficult.” Aaron is looking forward to taking in the Japanese culture, and of course, he’s looking forward to being a part of Hb’s first-ever Japanese Teach-In. “I’m looking forward to future Shootout opportunities: it’s great to see our community reach deep to get creative.”

Go here to view one of  Aaron's 3 winning submissions:

Special awards go to runners-up: Jesse Gaines and Chelsea James

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Sen Yamanaka