NAHA 2017 Finalists

From left to right: Bmac Educator - Sal Misseri- Nominated for Master Stylists & Hair Cutting of the Year. Has had double nomination for #NAHA 2 years in a row! Alain Pereque - Nominated for Master Stylists, Texture, & Haircutting of the Year. Also an Amazing Artist and a NAHA Veteran Winner. Chelsea James - Finalists for #bmacshootout to Japan 2016 with Hairbrained and nominated NAHA finalist for Avant Garde. Marianne Liljenquist nominated NAHA Finalist for New Comer of the Year (her photos taken by Fumi Eguchi). Julie Kocanyar (from Sal Misseri's Salon @reverie_salon ) nominated for NAHA Finalist Texture of the Year. Finally, Rossa Jurenas who won #MirrorAwards and won Bmac shears has been nominated for NAHA Finalist Editorial Stylists and Color of the Year! Congratulations for all of your hard work! 😄🎉👏

Sen Yamanaka