Bmac is the ultimate tool for the successful stylist. Watch our video to see the roots of Bmac.




Your craft is honored by the Chairman of Bmac, Shigeru Fujita. He puts your artistry, skills and comfort as the main goal of every design - from achieving the perfect ergonomics to slicing through hair with the sharpest and longest lasting edge possible. Bmac scissors are created with the express goal of durability, cutting speed and precision as top priorities. Nothing will stand in the way of your creativity.

Your scissors are the most important tool you will ever own - we understand the importance of your investment and stand behind your choice. At the Japan-based studio where Bmac scissors are created, strict attention is paid to the smallest details, from the sourcing of raw materials to the final packaging. Niigata is home to well respected precision tool makers and the local Japanese team members have precision in their way of life and work experience.


The tool to connect your fingertips to your canvas.



You can own these as a badge of honor and pride in your career as a stylist. These prestige tools will open the doors to your creativity and unleash the artist in you. Bmac scissors are developed to give you the most freedom to design day in and day out.

Durable movement, smooth action, incredible comfort, and long-lasting edges is the reward of owning a pair of Bmac scissors.

All Bmac shears are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the shear. Shears are to receive one free sharpening & service in the first year of ownership. Warranty void if shear has been abused, neglected, or has been serviced by a non-authorized Bmac service center.